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About Us

Board of Directors

Pat Togstad
Interim Vice President:
Dave Short
Carolyn Neece
Wendy Nugent
             Immediate Past President:
                    Janet Roberts

Richard Carreiro

Gail Holmes

Mark Miller

Lynn Newhall

Wayne Sloan

Arnold Sondergard

Administrative Structure

  Neighbors InDeed is an all-volunteer organization governed by a Board of Directors.  Each Program has its own Program Coordinators who are responsible for the overall operations of the Program and training the volunteers.

Our Mission

  To provide services that enrich the community empowering residents to maintain independence and enhance their quality of life.


Our Vision

  We encourage the activities that define Lincoln Hills as a caring community with an extended family of volunteers who offer a helping hand when it is needed.


Our History

  Neighbors InDeed is an all-volunteer Service Group.  It was one of the first groups established in Sun City Lincoln Hills in September 2000 by two residents with the support, help and encouragement of the Sun City Lincoln Hills Community Association Board of Directors and staff.

  The group was originally called the “Sunshine Committee”.  That name was later changed to the “Support Committee"; then changed again in 2002 to the “Support Team”.  It served as an umbrella group for Handy Helpers, Super Seniors, various health support groups, and a health resource library.

  In August 2004, the Support Team Steering Committee asked for volunteers to assume leadership of the group.  They turned the reins over to five volunteers who formed a Board of Directors and reorganized the group to provide greater structure to the programs and to the organization itself.   As one of its first items of business, the Board changed the name of the group to Neighbors InDeed (hopefully the last name change!).


  At the end of 2005, the Board incorporated the group as a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, a 501(c)(3), since the Board felt it essential that the organization provide appropriate liability insurance for its volunteers.   Such insurance requires that the organization be incorporated as a nonprofit.  An added benefit of this status is that contributions to the organization are tax deductible.


Community Education/Public Relations

  Information about Neighbors InDeed can be found on the Bulletin Board pages of the Compass and the Association’s website.  In addition, the Sun Senior News has been very supportive and helps get our message out to the community in every edition.  Neighbors InDeed Board members and volunteers make presentations both to Lincoln Hills resident organizations and to community agencies.  Another major source of communication is word of mouth by our volunteers and appreciative residents who use our services.


Our Funding

  From the beginning through 2007, Neighbors InDeed’s main financial support was provided by the Lincoln Hills Foundation.  In addition, during our early years, the Kiwanis Club of Lincoln underwrote the purchase of cell phones and the cost of cell phone operations, and the Lincoln Rotary Club provided the funds to purchase a computer to establish our data management system.  Currently, Neighbors InDeed’s operations are funded by the ongoing generosity of Lincoln Hills residents.

  Neighbors InDeed is grateful for all of the financial support that has been received over the years to enable us to provide our services efficiently and effectively to residents throughout the Lincoln Hills community.  Neighbor InDeed’s financial information is available by written request to Neighbors InDeed, P.O. Box 594, Lincoln, CA 95648.  Please provide your name and address for a response.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the management and the direct service volunteers are volunteers who "staff" the support component of Neighbors InDeed.

They include:

 Dispatcher Program:  Assign Handy Helper volunteers to provide on-site services in response to customer requests. 

 Press Liaison:  Develop articles for local periodicals to

inform the public of Neighbors InDeed's services and volunteer opportunities. 

 Data Management:  Maintain the database for all Neighbors InDeed programs. 

 Website:  Maintain the Neighbors InDeed website and provide fresh content on a regular basis. 

 Other:  Other volunteers receive and record donations from the community, process new volunteers, order, prepare and print supplies and equipment, and update the resource listing used by the Information & Referral volunteer staff. 

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