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Handy Helpers

  Handy Helpers are skilled volunteers who can assist those who need help with home-related tasks such as replacing smoke detector batteries, furnace filters and light bulbs, programming sprinkler systems, and much more. They can evaluate a problem to determine whether a Handy Helper can help or whether professional assistance is needed. While not an "emergency" service, a Handy Helper will contact the resident requesting a service within at least 48 hours.

  Handy Helper volunteers have been trained in many of the standard fixtures in the Lincoln Hills homes. Those volunteers who have been trained by the contractors themselves have passed this training on to other volunteers. When a Handy Helper call is received by the Information & Referral volunteer, the volunteer may ask questions such as the ceiling height and the home model, if the resident has a ladder on-site or the size of the bed if a mattress needs turning. In addition, when the Handy Helper calls to set up an appointment, he or she may ask additional questions to ensure that the service is timely and efficient.

The following are services Handy Helpers can and cannot  provide for you. A service request not listed may be provided if an evaluator decides that the service can be done.


Services Provided

Assemble artificial Christmas trees (6' or less)
Deadbolts: check and replace screws
Doorbell: replace button/adjust chimes +

  (install Ring doorbell *S )
Electrical: GFIs/switches/plugs *(S) 
Furnace filters: replace (1 HH + attendant) 
Garage door: lube/adjust

Garbage disposal:  unjam 
Hang pictures/mirrors (<20 lbs)
Light bulbs and/or reset GFI 
Mattress: turn (1 HH + assistant) 
Moving: light furniture/boxes (<35 lbs) 
Refrigerator filter: replace 

Shower heard: replace

Smart vent: program *(S)
Smoke alarm, CO detectors: batteries (no Duracells)

Smoke alarm: replacement 
Sprinkler controller: replace / adjust
Sprinkler heads: replace/adjust 
Telephones: diagnose/repair *(S) 
Thermostat: program/replace batteries 
TV-VCR-DVD: adjust/connect *(S)
Water heater - check for rust

Services NOT  Provided

Caregiver relief 
Check entire drip system
Clean gutters
Climb into the attics or clean gutters

Climb on the roof
Computers: diagnose / simple adjustment
Hang anything on outside walls 
Health care related tasks: 
      - Administer medications 
      - Lift or transfer person from chair/bed 
Install grab bars 
Install weather stripping 
Lift or move anything over 35 lbs 
Plumbing fixture replacements 
Relight pilot lights 
Transport Caller in automobile 
Using Caller's debit or credit card 
Work on 14 ' or higher ceilings 
Work on eaves


Note: *(S) indicates that a specialist on the Handy Helper team will be assigned to this type of task.