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     Neighbors InDeed is a Sun City Lincoln Hills community-based organization made up of resident volunteers who provide FREE services to other residents in Sun City Lincoln Hills.

    One telephone call to our Information & Referral number will link you to services provided by Neighbors InDeed volunteers and also to businesses and individuals in the community that have been recommended by residents of Sun City Lincoln Hills. For more information, click on the box below.


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 Smoke Alarm


  All homes in SCLH must have a hardwired smoke alarm that has a 9V backup battery.  Smoke alarm units expire in about 10 years and can be purchased with a 1 yr. alkaline battery or a 10 yr. lithium battery.


Recommended BrandFirst Alert

Model:  BRK 9120B      (1 year batt.)

Model:  BRK 9120LBL (10 year batt.)


Neighbors InDeed will arrange to install your new replacement units, except in homes with 12 ft. or higher ceilings.


  TIP: Avoid changing batteries every year.  Purchase a 9-Volt Lithium battery to install with each new smoke alarm.  The Lithium batteries have a life span similar to the smoke alarms. Or, purchase the more costly BRK 9120LBL which comes with a Lithium battery.


  NID recommends the use of Lithium batteries only on new installations, or when replacing existing smoke alarms so that the battery and smoke alarm last the same amount of time.


First Alert BRK Models are available locally at Lowe’s.


For installation call:


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